The 5 Best Omega-3 Supplements in the UK

Omega-3 is essential to feel your best with proven health benefits for your body. In this review we show you the best Omega-3 supplements in the United Kingdom.

Fiona Harper

Health & Nutrition Expert Contributor

Passionate about healthy living and the power of plant-based diets. Self-confessed coffee addict.

What is Omega-3?

Omega-3s are a form of essential fatty acid. These have a critical role in the healthy functioning of our body's biochemistry.

The human body cannot produce it, meaning it must be consumed. This is why Omega-3 deficiency is relatively common.

You can get Omega-3 from fatty fish, flax seeds, chia seeds, fish oils and walnuts.

However, as most people with Western diets do not consume enough of these, health professionals recommend taking a daily Omega-3 supplement to ensure you have an adequate amount.

Why is Omega-3 Important?

Omega-3 is needed for many of our major organs to function healthily. It's needed for our brain, heart and the retinas in our eyes. A lack of it can contribute to a range of issues including inflammatory diseases and depression.

Health professionals particularly recommend sufficient Omega-3 intake for pregnant and breastfeeding women as Omega-3 is needed for the physical and mental development during the foetal and early phases of life.

Common symptoms of an Omega-3 deficiency include: fatigue, brittle hair and nails, joint pain, skin dryness or irritation and dry eyes.

What To Look Out For

1. First, it's essential that your Omega-3 supplement contains the right type of Omega-3. The most important type is called DHA, as it has the most proven health benefits. After that, EPA is the next most important. A good supplement will have both the DHA and EPA types.

2. It's essential that the supplement is made the high quality standards. You ideally want the supplement to be manufactured in the UK or EU.

3. Plant-based Omega-3 supplements offer the best of both worlds. They provide the Omega-3 you need plus they are gentler on your stomach and don't have the fishy taste and after-smell of supplements that use fish oils.

What To Avoid

1. Ensure the Omega-3 oil inside the capsule has a country of origin of the UK, EU or North America. Several brands use oil from China where the origin and quality can't be easily verified and hide this fact. A good brand will always disclose where the Omega-3 oil inside truly comes from.

2. Avoid supplements with heavy metals. These are more common in fish-based products as these toxins get more concentrated as you move higher in the food chain.

Our Top 5 Recommendations

We've done the hard work for you to find and rank the best Omega-3 supplements available in the UK. We have considered the quality of production, ingredients, price and availability.

1. Healthy Yeti - Algae Omega-3

Score: 9.5

Grade: A+


  • Contains two forms of Omega-3, DHA and EPA.

  • It's made in the UK

  • The Omega-3 oil has a Country of Origin of the UK

  • It's plant-based (made from algae). This means it's suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets as well.

  • Free from heavy metals

  • Eco-friendly packaging

  • Customer service team is based in the UK and responds quickly

  • Discounts available on their website if you purchase multipacks

  • Sample packs available at a lower price point

  • Easy hassle-free returns

  • They offer free delivery on all orders


  • Only available on their website

  • They don't ship outside of the UK

Final Verdict

Overall, Healthy Yeti have made a great product that ticks all the boxes and at a reasonable price point.

They use algae oil which is plant-based and contains both DHA and EPA. They demonstrate a commitment to quality by making their capsules in the UK which is a great sign. That attention to detail carries through to the packaging which is an environmentally-friendly lightweight pouch.

Why Healthy Yeti Takes Top Spot

On top of their product quality, we like that they have discounted rates for larger purchases always available on their website along with free delivery to all UK addresses.

UK-based customer service is also a rarity today, so it's great that you can reach out to them directly and get any questions answered promptly.

2. Ekopura - Vegan Omega-3

Score: 8.1

Grade: B


  • Vegan-friendly as they use algae oil

  • Their capsules are made in the UK

  • Free from heavy metals and ocean toxins


  • Doesn't contain any EPA

  • They do not disclose where their Omega-3 oil comes from

  • Reviewers have noted some problems with the packaging staying intact

  • No UK-based customer service

  • No sample packs available

Final Verdict

Ekopura have done a lot of things well. But with no sample packs and red flags around the source of their Omega-3 oil and packaging queries, they have ranked lower in our list.

3. Solgar - Triple Forza - Neuro Pesce

Score: 7.5

Grade: B-


  • Well-known brand

  • Contains both DHA and EPA


  • Derived from fish oil, so has a fishy smell and aftertaste

  • Unsuitable for vegan and vegetarian diets

  • Label wording is in a foreign language

  • Price is high despite using cheaper fish oil

Final Verdict

Solgar are a well-known brand and so they make the shortlist. However, like many traditional companies they use fish oil which has its downsides. Fish oil is also cheaper but this is not reflected in the price.

4. Complete Elements - Algae Oil DHA

Score: 7.3

Grade: B-


  • Plant-based supplement

  • Vegan-friendly branding


  • Does not disclose where their Omega-3 oil comes from

  • No sample packs available

  • Only has DHA

  • Comes in a plastic pot

Final Verdict

Complete Elements comes in at a cheaper price point. But without any EPA, failure to disclose the origin of their Omega-3 oil and with a cheaper traditional plastic pot as packaging, they do rank lower in the list.

5. Moller's - Omega-3

Score: 7.0

Grade: C+


  • Plant-based supplement

  • Heritage brand

  • Contains DHA and EPA


  • Does not disclose where their Omega-3 oil comes from

  • No sample packs available

  • Higher price point

  • No UK based customer service

Final Verdict

Mollers have made a good product but considering the higher price point, we hoped for more information in terms of their sourcing as well as direct customer support.