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If you are planning to buy a new piano or looking for a piano replacement, you at the right place. As you know there are many different models out there to choose from and it can be confusing to select the one that’s right for you. Here at The Best Piano Reviews we summaries reviews and give overview of the latest and top-rated pianos. We provide the piano product outline, ratings, quick pointers of the pros and cons from customer reviews, as well as where to buy the best piano of your choice.

You are looking for the piano for learning, recreation,.. but you do not know how to choose appropriate because today’s market there are many types of the piano.

Best Piano Reviews

If you are looking for the perfect best digital piano that can accommodate both beginners and experienced players alike, the Yamaha range of digital pianos is exactly what you are looking for. Providing a true piano sound and feel, the Yamaha is an easy favorite among all other digital pianos in the market. With its unique keyboard, weighted keys and superior sound quality the Yamaha provides you with a very enjoyable instrument both for practice and performance.

This site is fast becoming the definitive guide for Yamaha digital piano reviews and we hope you find this a useful resource when making your decision about which piano to purchase. Each review has an accompanying video demonstration so you can really get a feel for what each model looks and sounds like.

Top Piano & Digital Piano Reviews:

Alesis Cadenza Review:

Number of Keys: 88

Weighted Scaled Hammer Action: Weighted Hammer Action

Polyphony: 64

Accessories Included: Stand and One Pedal Foot Pedal

The Alesis Cadenza is a modern looking, 88 key digital piano with weighted keys and adjustable touch sensitivity.  It comes with a sturdy, black stand which takes less than 1 hour to assemble and requires only one basic tool, a screwdriver.  The music stand feels a bit flimsy.  It is certainly strong enough to support music, but be gentle when you putting your books on the stand.

The weighted hammer action is decent.  It is not bad, but we have seen much better in this price range.  The touch sensitivity has 3 levels.  It’s a nice feature to have as it allows some customization for different users.  The sound quality is excellent.  The piano voice is nearly perfect and the speakers produce full, vibrant sound.  The user interface is easy to navigate and switching between voices takes pushing only a few buttons.

The Alesis Cadenza comes with a USB output jack to allow your practice to interact with your computer.  It also features both MIDI in and MIDI out jacks.  This is one of the only models we’ve reviewed that comes with this feature.

One area we feel this model lack in is the sustain pedal.  While the digital piano comes with sustain pedal, it doesn’t seem to function properly.  It just doesn’t seem to sustain the tones.

Typical Complaints:

  • The sustain pedal doesn’t seem to work correctly.  It just doesn’t sustain the way it is supposed to.  Further reading suggests this is a problem common to all units, not just the one we tested.

  • Given some quality issues that other users have reported, you may be best to look elsewhere.  If you have $500 to spend on a digital piano, you could find a better way to spend it.

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Best Piano Keyboard Reviews:

Casio LK-100 Lighted Keyboard Review:

The Casio LK 100 Keyboard is one for the keyboard enthusiast.  Keyboards have been the instruments of choice of those who have the thing for piano playing but do not have a traditional piano at home.  This type of keyboard often assumes the position of an instructor because of its built in digital function and instructions.

The Benefits

A digital keyboard offers a lot of benefits to the amateur player.  This could also be used for purposes of recreation and can facilitate bonding time between parents and their children.  The Casio LK-100 Lighted Keyboard demonstrates its features well by starting off with its lighting mechanism and three-step lesson system.  All 61 keys are full-sized and illuminated, which act as finger guides.

This greatly aids in teaching not just notes but precision and coordination.  The three-step lesson system starts off by mere watching.  A player can watch and take note of the keys that are used for a particular song as they light up.  This could easily be followed and enables players to keep up with a song and teach them the value of timing and precision.

Next, as a player gets used to the keys involved by initially watching, he can jam along by tuning the setting at a lower pace, which allows for better familiarization.  Finally, a normal pace can be established once the player has fully adapted to the keys and tempo.  And with practice, one can play a piece even with the absence of light.

A platform for learning that exudes ease in manipulation is a form of encouragement for music enthusiasts who know their do-re-mi’s and are proficient in playing.  But even those who are not properly equipped with the formal knowledge but have to knack for playing can benefit from this digital keyboard – the “lights” will show them the way.  Other features are as follows:

Standout Features

  • An LCD indicator, which aids a players with regard to timing and tempo.  This indirectly allows for fingers to properly adapt to the different tunes and paces of each song in the song bank.
  • A song bank with 100 pieces on the list gives players a range of choices to practice on or just listen to as they while away time.
  • Its auto accompaniment capability matches a particular chord with other coordinated beats, such as bass and rhythm, to come up with a more interesting tune.
  • The “voice fingering” mechanism adds up to the three-step lesson system by making use of a virtual assistant – a human voice that “speaks” at the first and second stages to identify which finger should be put into use.
  • The microphone jack is one special feature that allows one to sing along with any song at play.

Suitable for Kids and Adults:

This Casio Keyboard can be beneficial to all – kids and adults – be it with inept hands or prodigious fingers.  However, those with inborn talents might find this not so much of a challenge, so they might as well settle for traditional grand pianos that can showcase their dexterities really well.  Adults can do some practice even without the proper music background.  A digital keyboard such as this can be an amateur’s learning ground if in case formal lessons are still not feasible (perhaps due to factors such as age, budget, etc.)


  • This suits the needs of a beginner fairly well.  All features are geared towards making the learner’s life easy as much as possible and to encourage them to practice more with a load of tunes and songs to choose from.
  • The light is considerably an exceptional factor that could influence the decision of a buyer.  Other brands and models are not equipped with this feature.  This gives them the edge especially if it would be for very young kids, who are greatly influenced by the power of visual stimulation.


  • Relying too much on the illuminated keys would somehow be confusing in teaching the basics.
  • It might encourage idle hands and minds.
  • However, there’s an option to turn it down just in case one happens to have memorized a piece.
  • The same goes for the voice fingering pattern, as it somehow suggests spoon feeding instead of allowing a learner to grasp it on his own.

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Best electric keyboard Piano:

Yamaha YPG235 Review

Number of Keys: 76

Weighted Scaled Hammer Action: Graded Soft Touch (GST) Action

Polyphony: 32

Accessories Included: Keyboard Stand and Headphones

The Yamaha YPG235 is a low to mid range keyboard with 76 keys and Yamaha’s typical assortment of features (lots of voices, a good user interface, and the Yamaha Education Suite).  The electric keyboard itself is silver in color and is aesthetically pleasing.  It is fairly symmetrical and features full stereo sound.

This model is of typical keyboard construction.  They keys are made of lightweight plastic and are not weighted.  They do not feel like a real piano and made a clicking sound when depressed.  This makes the feel of the piano targeted more towards recreational players rather than those taking lessons or intermediate/experts looking for a quality instrument.  The sound quality is decent, but nothing exceptional.

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The Yamaha EZ-200 review buying guides.

The stand feels very stable.  The expectations for a stand included within a package are low, but this stand is sturdy and shouldn’t leave the user feeling nervous. The headphones are a nice addition, but they are cheap and the sound quality isn’t all that good.  If you are set on using headphones, you’d be better off picking up a $20 set of headphones somewhere to help improve your experience.

The Yamaha YPG-235 comes with Yamaha Education Suite (which we are a big fan of).  The Yamaha Education Suite (YES) helps new users to get a basic introduction to the best piano as well as provides a chord dictionary for more advanced users.

Typical Complaints:

  • The headphones are cheap and of low quality.  They are included for “free”, but most users will want to upgrade to a more quality pair.

  • Buying the keyboard as part of a “pack” seems to be a toss up.  The headphones are not really that great.  A power adapter should be included even outside of a pack.  And the stand is decent.  You may wish to purchase the standalone piano keyboard and buy accessories as desired.

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Casio SA76 Review

Number of Keys: 44 Mini Keys

Weighted Scaled Hammer Action: None

Polyphony: 8

Accessories Included: None (Doesn’t include a power adapter)

The Casio SA76 is a miniature electric keyboard featuring 44 mini keys and a total length of about 24”.  This construction of this model is specifically targeted towards young children whose hands are too small or weak for a full size digital piano. The price is low enough that parents are willing to buy their children this keyboard and if the kids don’t play it, it wasn’t a huge loss.

The best piano is constructed of lightweight plastic and weighs in just above 3 lbs.  It’s just over 2 feet long, perfect for fitting into a small bedroom The keys are lightweight and perfect for the smaller fingers of a young child.  While adults struggle with light plastic keys, they seem to work well with young children. The user interface is simple enough for children to navigate without much assistance.

They SA76 features 100 unique tones and 50 different rhythms.  This should be enough to keep your child entertained for a while.  The sound quality is acceptable.  The target user of this keyboard won’t be complaining about sound quality.  With that being said, the (2) 1.2 watt speakers are pretty good.

This electric keyboard does not come with a power adapter.  We recommend the Casio AD-A95100LW Keyboard Power Supply which can be purchased from amazon for under $25.  This model can also take (6) AA batteries, though the battery life seems to be less than about 6 hours during constant use.

Typical Complaints:

  • It would be nice if this keyboard came with a power supply.  Fortunately, the Casio ADE95 can be purchased for less than $25.

  • This keyboard is not intended for an advanced, intermediate or even beginner piano player.  This model is specifically designed with children in mind.

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Yamaha YPT 230 Review

Number of Keys: 61

Weighted Scaled Hammer Action: None

Polyphony: 32

Accessories Included: Headphones and Stand

The Yamaha brand is well respected and makes a wide variety of affordable musical instruments and the Yamaha YPT230 is one of the most popular models of electric keyboards around.  While a lot of digital pianos/electric keyboards are found only at musician specialty stores or online, the YPT230 can be found at retailers such as Walmart and Best Buy.  The Yamaha YPT230 PAK comes with a stand and headphones to help get you started with the basic accessories needed.

The YPT-230 is an electric keyboard, not a digital piano.  Therefore it lacks any weighted scaled hammer action  or touch sensitivity which makes this model not particularly useful for learning to play piano.  The sound quality is pretty good considering the price and its primary use, though it isn’t exceptional.  There are 385 tones.  This is a good bit more than the average for this price range.  Some of the tones are dual voices which is pretty cool, but not particularly unique for electric keyboards.

The stand feels unexpectedly strong.  Yamaha claims it will support 250 lbs and it feels like it will support even more.  The headphones are a nice addition, but they are cheap and the sound quality isn’t all that good.  If you are set on using headphones, you’d be better off picking up a $20 set of headphones somewhere to help improve your experience.

The Yamaha YPT-230 comes with Yamaha Education Suite (which we are a big fan of).  The Yamaha Education Suite (YES) helps new users to get a basic introduction to the piano as well as provides a chord dictionary for more advanced users.

Typical Complaints:

  • Many users complain about the quality of the headphones.  We have found them to be lacking in sound quality.

  • The keyboard does not attach to the stand.  While this is intended, many users do not like this as they feel it makes it too easy for the keyboard to fall off the stand.

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Yamaha YPT 330 Review

Number of Keys: 61

Weighted Scaled Hammer Action: Touch Sensitive Keys (Not Weighted, though there is some resistance)

Polyphony: 32

Accessories Included: None.  Note that a power adapter is NOT included.

The Yamaha YPT330 is an electronic keyboard/digital piano hybrid which offers beginner/intermediate piano players a cheap introduction to touch sensitivity and partially weighted keys.  It offers nearly 500 unique voices with over 100 built in songs.

This model is a nice shade of grey with aesthetically pleasing speakers at each top corner.  There are an average number of buttons governing the user interface. While the user interface looks complicated, but is quite easy to navigate.  The YPT-330 relies on three main buttons (beyond the power and volume) for navigation: Song, Voice, and Style.  After pressing one of the above buttons, the user simply enters the corresponding number to match up with the desired option.

The Yamaha YPT330 speakers are clear and sound good.  The best piano voice is decent and the other voices sound good.  There are over 100 built in songs and there is internal memory allowing the user to save up to five songs.  This is particularly useful for practice.  You play a song, save it, and playback the song listening with a critical ear for mistakes and ways to improve.

The Yamaha YPT-230 comes with Yamaha Education Suite (which we are a big fan of).  The Yamaha Education Suite (YES) helps new users to get a basic introduction to the piano as well as provides a chord dictionary for more advanced users.

Typical Complaints:

  • This electric piano doesn’t always come with a power adapter.  They are only $12, but seriously???  The power adapter is the only critical accessory.

  • The plastic keys are loud when depressed.  They make a loud clicking sound that is typical of lower tier models.

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Huntington KB54/KB61 Review

Number of Keys: 54/61

Hammer Action: None

Polyphony: 8

Accessories Included: Music Stand Holder

Note:  The only difference between the Huntington KB54 and KB61 is that the KB54 has 54 keys and the KB61 has 61 keys.  As such, the reviews will be combined.

The Huntington KB54 is an introductory level electric keyboard which takes up little space and offers exceptional sound quality for about $50.  This keyboard offers several of the typical functions found on keyboards of this level.  The functions includes are 100 voices, 100 rhythms, and sustain and vibrato.

This keyboard lacks weighted keys, touch sensitivity and feels a little cheap.  But its $50, what do you expect.  For what this keyboard is intended (a cheap introduction to pianos or a cool musical toy), this keyboard nails it.  The keys are full size, which isn’t always the case for keyboards of this cost.

The sound quality of this keyboard rivals many of the more expensive mid-range digital pianos.  The speakers don’t have the ‘tin’ sound of many cheaper models.  Expect full sound and quality tones.

If you are looking for a cheap introduction best piano or if you are looking for a musical toy, this is for you.  You will sacrifice a lot of the functions and options on mid-range to upper end digital pianos, but the price is right for what you get.

Typical Complaints:

  • This piano is cheap.  For $50, what do you expect.  Everything is made out of plastic and can feel a little brittle at times.

  • The LED screen/navigation isn’t always easy to understand.  On screen instructions are not as intuitive and some functions lack explanation.

  • A higher-than-normal number of users are reporting defective machines right out of the box.  Common issues include the keyboard not turning on at all, non-responsive keys, and keys that are broken.

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Tips To Help You Choose The Right Piano:

Playing the piano:

You might think that selecting the piano to buy would be a pleasantly simple experience: test play it and if you like the way it sounds, you’ll buy it. Easy, right? In a general sense this is true. But in actuality, there are a few factors that if ignored, you might unknowingly end up buying something that you would regret later on.

When considering the purchase of a piano, there’s one rule you should follow: have the piano technician check out the best piano before you buy. Furthermore, after he examines it thoroughly, give him time to do some analysis on what he has found.To read more about best violin bow reviews

Different types of pianos

We are not discussing electronic pianos in this article. Among acoustic pianos on the market, there are the Grand piano and the up-right piano. Within each of these two types there are many different sizes of piano. The in-between sizes of Grand piano category include: parlor, baby, medium, semi-concert and concert. Each piano is generally distinguished by its length. Of the up-right piano type there are: spinet, console, studio and professional.

Automobiles, grocery and piano shopping

When referred to searching for a piano, this comparison is not too far off target. Think about cars, a company can make an exceptional car, but they also create certain models which brake down quite a bit. Similarly, a food manufacturer may sell its top of the line products for more money, but can also change a few things and sell the same product a lot cheaper under a store brand name. Many people would believe that German car companies make a superior car, but where do they get some of their less essential parts?

The same comparison could also be made to pianos. The company may be in Germany or the US, but is the company German owned and are the components of the piano actually made by that company? They could be using a cheaper parts manufacturer from some country where piano manufacturing has never been considered a serious business. Think about it when shopping for a piano, and just like your car mechanic, there are very good reasons to have you professional piano technician along for an inspection.

The Good And The Bad

Similar to the automobile industry, good piano makers come in and out of favor over time. Volkswagen was the most sought-after car when it first came out, then it became unpopular for several years and now it is back again. Talking about pianos, Germany is normally famous for pianos but you’ll need to know who currently owns the company. The United States is usually good, but many times they have been influenced by Asian companies, outsourcing to them for cheaper parts. Japan and Korea were not popular with building pianos, but they have slowly improved their quality through buying other non-Asian piano companies. At the moment, stay away from pianos made in China due to Chinas’ poor reputation on pianos.

Every piano has a number on it. This number is similar to a VIN number for a car. By reading this identification code, your piano technician can tell you everything you need to know about that particular piano, like where it was made, who owns the company, when the company changed hands and where the components were manufactured.

Best Piano Brands Rviews

Many people believe that over the last two centuries there have been over 25,000 brands of pianos. We are talking piano brands and not models. Therefore it is quite difficult to know exactly what to look for when you are searching for that one piano based on brand. When you play it you just strongly feel that the sound and action work for your fingers and ears. Afterall you are the person who will be listening to this piano the most. You are the one that needs to like its sounds.

Top level piano brands

Bechstien, high end piano. Boston, very good piano. Baldwin, a good piano. Charles Walters, high quality piano. Knabe piano, medium quality. Kranich & Bach, current model not that good. Steinway, a good piano but sounds to taste. Yamaha, wonderful piano. Wurlitzer, not so good.

The most important thing about buying a piano is to play it and enjoy the sound. Have it checked out carefully first by a professional piano technician. Remember you are buying the piano for your enjoyment and not as an investment. Your piano holds little monetary value. It is only valuable to the owner and player: yourself.

How To Find The Best Digital Piano

What Are You Hoping to Get Out of Ownership?

There are a lot of things people on the market for the piano could be looking for out of their next purchase.

Are you looking for a piece of furniture?  Look towards either an acoustic piano or a digital piano with a nice stand.  Upper end digital pianos with a nice stand look very nice, very professional and some come in different colors to match your other furniture.

Are you or someone in your family taking lessons and looking to practice? Look towards an acoustic or a digital piano.  Keyboards don’t adequately replicate the feel of real pianos.  This can create some issues with finger strength and an unfamiliar feeling when you get onto a real pianos.

Are you looking for an instrument or toy for your 5 year old?  If you are looking for a cheap toy that makes sounds in hopes that your young child will enjoy music, a keyboard is the way to go.  Keyboards come with the added benefit of being less expensive.  This helps to soften the blow if there is no interest and the keyboard gets packed away into a closet.

Are you looking for a piano that you can perform on?  If you need a high quality sound, then you’ll want a digital piano or an acoustic piano.  If you can leave your instrument in place, then an acoustic piano is the way to go.  But if you need to move your instrument, then we recommend a digital piano.

Do you need to move your new instrument frequently?  Acoustic pianos are heavy, like really heavy.  And frequently moving them can damage them.  Also, changing environments, specifically temperature and humidity, can cause them to detune.  When you need to move your instrument frequently, you’ll want to go with a digital piano or a keyboard.

Are you a professional?  Professionals need high quality sound as their livelihood depends on it.  Keyboards just won’t cut it in this instance.  You’ll need to go with an acoustic or digital piano.

Do you have Enough Space?

Acoustic pianos weigh a lot and take up a lot of space.  Upright pianos weigh between 300 pounds and 800 pounds.  They also take up more space as they fully house the hammers, strings, etc.  If space is a concern, you’ll likely need a digital piano or a keyboard.  The lightest keyboards weigh in the area of 10 pounds.  Digital pianos generally weigh between 30 pounds and 80 pounds.  If you live in a small place and need to store your piano when you aren’t using it, you’ll need a keyboard or digital piano.

What is your Budget?

Keyboards can cost under $100.  Grand Pianos can cost $50,000+.  Whatever you are looking to spend, you can find a suitable option.  In general, electric keyboards cost between $70 and $300.  Digital Pianos cost between $300 and $2,000.  And acoustic pianos cost between $3,000 and $50,000, with upright pianos being on the lower end and grand pianos being on the higher end.

If you’ve decided to purchase a digital piano or an electric keyboard, please check out our best digital piano reviews for more information or check out the comprehensive digital piano comparison matrix. CheckCheck out the best electric violin reviews.


On a comparative note, being pitted against formidable names in the music industry is already a no-brainer for Casio.  It has its own advantages over others, with simple modifications in their features.  As stated, the illumination is already a come-on factor.  Price is nearly the same as a Yamaha keyboard of almost the same specifics.  Compared to a Yamaha Keyboard Piano, this Casio’s edge is the illuminated keys.  But Yamaha has signature features as well to compensate for what they fall short of.

Indeed, the Casio LK-100 Lighted Keyboard would certainly be a good gift choice, or can be just another family room addition positioned against a blank wall that could bond the family together during those idle moments.

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