Cecilio CVN 500 Solidwood Ebony Fitted Violin Review

Cecilio CVN 500 Review

When looking for a violin, it is always best to consider all the qualities that an intermediate violinist should find: the look of the violin, the feel of it, how it plays, the quality, the durability, and of course, the price. Furthermore, violin reviews on the product should be scanned through as well.

The Cecilio CVN 500 Ebony Antique Finish Flamed Orchestra Violin with Case and Accessories is the perfect violin for an intermediate violinist. The original price has been slashed down 58% off. This very incredible price down lets you save over $400, which is seventy percent! To top it all off it has a one year warranty so you can surely confidently buy the product and know that if by chance there are factory defects then you are safe.

Cecilio CVN 500 Violin Demonstration:

Excellent Features of Cecilio CVN 500

This wonderful violin has beautifully hand-carved solid maple back and sides. It has a gorgeous inlaid purfling and a satin antique finish. The satin finish is great at hiding finger marks and provides a comfortable feel. The back and sides are skillfully flamed. It also has a hand-carved solid spruce top. The pegs, the chin rest and the fingerboard are made of ebony. The tailpiece is made out of rosewood and ebony, and the four tuners are plated with fine nickel. The bow is made out of Brazil wood and ebony frog with genuine and unbleached Mongolian horsehair.

Excellent Case with some extra

One doesn’t have to worry about carrying it around since the case is wonderfully lightweight yet hard enough to protect the violin. The case also includes pockets for accessories and a strap for easy carrying. The additional accessories include a Kun Style adjustable shoulder rest that has soft foam padding together with soft rubber feet. Along with this are nickel plated brass reeds, violin pitch pipe, an extra violin bridge, an extra Mongolian horsehair bow, an extra set of violin strings, and a good quality rosin cake.

Cecilio CVN 500 Suitable For Beginner, Intermediate

These features make for an elegant antique feel for the violinist who is in love with the gracefulness of classical music. It also injects plenty of class to any musical genre if played on the The Cecilio CVN 500 Ebony Antique Finish Flamed Orchestra Violin. It can be a great beginner violin or a violin for the intermediate player.

It will be an excellent gift for practicing violin

This gorgeous violin has experienced quite a number of violin reviews. It has received many praises for its beautiful antique finish. The sound of it is satisfying and can hold a tune pretty well. It can make an excellent gift for a loved one who is practicing the violin – perfect for even the young ones who are learning the art. It can also make for a wonderful present for your self if you have recently discovered a passion for the violin but wouldn’t like to break the budget. The wonderful current price tag of it on Amazon.com certainly would not make it stay there for long so it is highly recommended to buy this violin before it is too late.


  • It sounds good also looking nice.
  • Yes! The one I have bought my student looks the same as a picture.
  • It is suitable for beginners.
  • There are different size options for 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 4/4.
  • It comes setup for the most part.
  • It is easy to use also very fast.


  • It is not cheap rate.
  • it comes in one color.

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1. Question: is it perfect for beginner or an intermediate level student?

=> Without doubt good for both. The best quality that will last you through years of playing.

2. Question: Is it perfect violin over the Stentor 2/1500 for a beginner?

=> No, get the Stentor. I sorrow purchasing this one.

3. Question: Does it come set up?

=> For the most part yes.

4. Question: Is the wood on the body aged?

=> No it not.

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