Philips Viva Collection Hd492801 induction cooktop Review

Philips Viva Collection Hd492801 induction cooktop

Gone are the days when people had to combat flames and endure smoke all in the name of cooking a meal. In the modern day, people are busy and barely have time to spend in the kitchen. This means that most people are looking for effective means to feed their families without breaking a sweat. Thanks to technology, cooking is now easier and faster especially with the use of an induction cooker. Every single feature of this cooker displays modernity. It’s has a compact design that not only saves on counter space but also makes cooking safe and manageable. This induction cooker clearly designed for modern homes.

Induction cookers have been in the market for some time now. However, not every induction cooktop may suit your needs. The modern Phillips Viva Collection HD4928/01 Induction Cooktop is an upgraded version that totally favors the user. It has a combination of features that makes it a must have for all food lovers and modern homes.

No Installation

You can begin using the Phillips Induction Cooktop straight from the box. It’s extremely portable and easy to move around with it. Simply plug it in and begin cooking. Imagine how much time this feature will save you.

Touch Start Button and cool to touch surface

Put away the match boxes and transform into the new world of tech-cooking. This cooker has a push start button. It not only saves you time but also offers safety. Cool to touch surface is a unique feature that’s only available with high-tech modern appliances. It guards against burns.


For slow cooking options, Phillips Induction Cook Top allows you the luxury of setting time and leaving the rest to the appliance. After the indicated time, the cooker will automatically switch off.


  1. Ideal cooktop for bachelors
  2. Easy to use and cooks fast
  3. Prevents nutrition loss
  4. Portable and Eco friendly


  1. May consume more electricity compared to non-branded, ordinary cook top appliances

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The Phillips viva collection HD4928/01 2100 watt induction cook top is a worthy purchase. The fact that this cook top requires no flame, cooks fast and evenly and is cool to touch puts it at the top of the list compared to other products in the market at the moment. Busy individuals can set the timer on the cooker and attend other chores without worrying about the food getting burned. The minimal supervision that comes with this cook top is not only attractive but also unmatched.

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