Yamaha SV-130 Concert Select Silent Electric Candy Apple Red 4/4 Violin Review

In case you live with young children that need their naps, neighbours next door that do not enjoy fine music, or simply do not want to disturb anyone around you on a regular basis, the Yamaha SV-130 Concert Select Silent Electric Candy Apple Red 4/4 Violin is a great choice when it comes to getting beautiful sound that only you can hear. With the help of, the headphones of the violin you will realize as if you are playing in a resonant hall, but to others, only a whisper of acoustic sound will exercise out when you are playing.

Yamaha SV-130 Review

Yamaha Sv-130 is suitable for Every Situation 

Suited perfectly for all levels of professionals, the Yamaha SV-130 Violin is great for allowing people to practice at any point. It is also easy to play immediately given the fact that it comes equipped with a ¼ inch output jack that makes it possible to plug the electric violin into any amplifier given this is the standard outlet size. In addition, the violin offers a high-quality circuitry inside which makes it able to reduce its output without changing the quality of what you hear as the actual player of the violin. On days when you are more confident about your playing, simply pull out the headphones and you can easily radiate sound throughout the house via any standard amplifier.

Concert Program

While all this is enticing enough for most people to take a second look at the Yamaha SV-130 Concert Silent Electric Violin, another reason that the electric violin is so desirable is due to the fact that it also can be mixed with a CD player or MP3 player simply by making use of the aux-in jack. This way you can play along with some of your favorite concertos or simply as a practice tool making the options you have when you pull your Yamaha violin out much wider than you may have thought when you first took a look at the slim, lightweight, electric blue sound machine.

Alone practice

The Yamaha SV-130 Concert Silent Electric Violin provides violinists of all levels with the ability to practice confidently without disturbing others. Though the acoustic sound produced is barely a whisper, you will hear yourself in the rich, virtual environment of a resonant concert hall. The SV-130 allows players of any level to play or practice anytime. The SV-130 Silent Violin enables players of all levels to practice silently, anyplace and at any time. With the inclusion of a 1/4 inch output jack, this instrument can be played through any standard amplifier, and the violin’s improved circuitry produces higher quality sound while reducing noise output. The SV-130 may also be used along with an MP3 or CD player through the aux-in jack, useful for practice or just to play along with your favorite tunes. The beautiful silent violin screams Yamaha quality!

Features at a glance

>> This Full-Size Yamaha SV-130 Silent Electric Blue 4/4 Violin is easy to hold and play

>> Controls include: Master Volume – Reverb Type Select – Aux-In – Aux In Volume – In-Out Jacks – Headphone Out – Line In – Piezo Sensor

>> Spruce Body – Maple Neck – Ebony Fingerboard – Ebony Pegs – Maple Aubert Bridge – Molded Plastic Side Body, Tailpiece

>> The aux-In 1/8 inch jack with independent volume control allows connection of an MP3

>> The Yamaha SV-130 Silent Electric Blue 4/4 Violin is simply one of the most versatile violins ever made.

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